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Mark Smutz Smith

Mark- has worked across the globe with primarily independent artists, such as- Passenger 

(most notably through his "Sound of the C" promotion nights with his first solo shows back in 2009), The Matthew JayTribute Concert, pivotal performances at One Movement Perth WA / The Great Escape) and The Feeling, Lacuna Coil, Will And The People, Hannah Trigwell, Kelvin Jones, Fønx, Stu Larsen, Emma Stevens, Hogan, Melodramas, The Lost Souls Club, Dlugokecki, The Rebs, Goober Gun, Blackcouch, English Pride: (World Cup 2006), Steve Conte (New York Dolls) UK tours and many more.


Managing Kelvin Jones for 6 years through 2 major record deals (Sony Epic & Sony Four Music), 

Cutting edge joint Publishing Deals with Budde/Reservoir Media, 

1 gold & 1 platinum Record in last 3 years, Syncs/Sponsorships with Ebay/ Coldfeet/Nescafe/RitterSport/CenturyLink/Samsung/Skoda/ song/sync placement on the 2016 Superbowl 


Mark has developed networks of influential business contacts and partners worldwide including South East Asia, Kuwait, Australia, Europe, USA, Canada and the UK.  With over 26 years of experience in the music industry, he specialises in managing, booking, promoting, touring, implementing social strategies and releasing/licensing recordings. 


C-sounds/Sound of the C is his in-house digital distribution and promotion company, and he was part of The early consultation team for the cutting-edge music collaboration app Whole World Band and has spoken on music panels across 3 continents on the topics of New Model

Independent Artists, Developing Emerging Markets China, Vietnam, Cambodia etc) &

Social Media Marketing.


Currently managing Wavysof/

Chris Simmons/Landslide via Intune Addicts,Compere & Video Capture Strategist at Love Your Tent. Consulting to artists/ industry via in Social Media Strategies:Pre-Release Planning, DNA Brand Development, Touring, Performance Craft & Song writing and lecturing in Music Business: Artist Management/ Releasing Music/ Music Futures/ Artists Toolkit/ Online Music &

Professional Development at BIMM Brighton

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