Terms and Conditions of Services

You can change any package at any time at the start of the following month.

All payments must be made in advance.

We do not provide credit and cannot provide a service if you have insufficient credits or payment has not been made.

We do not charge any commission or have any post term requirements. You own everything and have full control.

Your solicitor, on your behalf, must negotiate all legal contracts. We are not lawyers!

We do not issue any contracts or have any restrictions on termination.

We do not charge commission or take any percentage or receive payments from any Companies in return for doing deals. We work in your best interests at all times.

All fees plus VAT at the current UK rate, where applicable by law.

If we are asked to incur costs on your behalf for any reason a budget will be prepared and written approval sought from you. Where possible payments to be made in advance of incurring such costs, if this is not possible then you will be required to pay immediately on receipt of our invoice.