Artist Development

To help you develop as an artist Intune Addicts will offer a wide range of services from the basic to the more complex, we will tailor to you and your requirements with:

*Honest feedback on vocals, musicianship and/or songwriting skills

*Plan for enhancement of musical skills

*Advise on quality equipment

*Development of performance ability

*Advice on Image creation and maintenance

*Plan of action, goal setting

*Help with promotion materials, including photographs, press releases and artwork

*Development of your Business management skills

*Advice on what is needed for Marketing, publicity, and promotion knowledge both online and offline

*Advice on what is needed and how to source Professional management

*Guide for recording, producing, engineering, and mastering

*Develop your knowledge of manufacturing, distribution, and sales online, retail and media

*Advice and recommendations for professional advisors (lawyers, accountants etc)

*Advice on financial and legal structure. Band agreements and how to deal with the money.

*Law and legal issues: publishing, copyrighting, trademarks and advice on key terms in contracts.