Investment Sourcing/Business and Marketing Plans

We have a proven track record of sourcing investment into projects and businesses.

Investors look at the team around a project so they can be confident that it will be managed correctly. They also require a strong business plan, budget and cash-flow forecast to back up the application.

Whether it be private, institution or crowd sourced, there is funding out there for the right projects. Whilst we cannot guarantee acceptance we can guarantee that your application will be presented in such a way as to give you the BEST possible chance of getting approval.

If you are looking for a bank loan you will need a business plan. Whatever the style of funding a properly contracted and thought through business plan is vital for your business.

Want to licence product? Source a publishing deal? Help pitch to secure a record deal? A well developed business plan lends weight to your argument that you are a professional musician. It helps industry professionals to understand your project and helps you to ensure that your marketing is targeted effectively.