Great end to 2012 with loads of activity for our clients!

2013 promises to be a great year with some new initiatives that will provide yet more opportunities for new Artists and Musicians. If you are struggling to get traction with promotion and social media campaigns why not get in touch? We may be able to help.

The Music business is just that, a BUSINESS. If you are not connected with the right people in the industry you will struggle.. FACT!

If you do not invest in your Art, it will not be discovered. FACT!

Yes it costs money, but you cannot start ANY business without some form of start up capital. FACT!

For you to launch your music career with no budget set aside for promotion, marketing, networking and professional services is crazy. You invest in your kit, your van, maybe even recording. To not follow that up with a clear, concise and well targeted route for discovery will leave your project doomed to fail…

Make this the year you step up a level and get ahead of the competition,  as with every business – there is a lot of it!