“Hey everyone, we’re thrilled to say that we have just signed the contract for a 6 Month residency at the Hard Rock Cafe, Macau!

Our debut album is in the finishing stages (to be released in 2013), and if you come to Macau you will see Goober Gun in full flight…songs from our EPs, the upcoming new album, and a SHED LOAD of classics given the Goober Gun treatment (I assure you, you’ve never heard a Billy Joel song played quite like this!

Joining us for the Macau shows are the amazingly talented Shirin Singer for the UK and Mari Myrholt from Norway. Their keyboard and vocal skills will add something really special to the band, and we can’t wait to kick off the shows on Oct 2nd!!

Come to the gigs, dance your clothes off and we’ll all win at Roulette – RED ALL THE WAY!!!!”

GG xx