Business and The Music Industry

This course aims to equip delegates with an understanding of what is actually happening TODAY in the music industry. We aim to provide you with knowledge to give you an advantage over other aspiring artists.  Delegates will become aware that the Music business is a BUSINESS and will be taught how to do effective marketing, understand trends and be able to evaluate emerging business models and music services and apply where appropriate.  Delegates will be introduced to some innovative marketing tools and strategies that will not only attract fans but assist with effective engagement in order to monetize their relationship.

This course is based on a foundational formula as proposed by Seth Godin:

Exposure + Discovery + Community = Revenue

Throughout this course delegates will be encouraged to identify key areas and start to work on achievable goals that are relevant to their career in music. To achieve success in music you need knowledge, business understanding, social skills, a passion and self belief, that is second to none, and your music and performance needs to be great! If you have this and are prepared to work hard then you will be able to build a sustainable career in the industry.